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The Water Pex Piping system || Frequently asked questions

What is Water Pex™?

Water Pex™ is a multi layered, composite (PE-X/AL/PEX), cross-linked polyethylene piping system suitable for the carriage of natural gas, LPG, hot & cold potable water and compressed air systems. The cross-linking carried out during the manufacturing process essentially links the molecular strands of the polyethylene forming a three dimensional structure. The cross linking creates a material that performs extremely well at high temperatures and pressures, making it perfect for plumbing and heating applications. The Water Pex™ Piping System is gaining an enormous acceptance amongst plumbers and gasfitters throughout Australasia due to it being a quality system that is fast, safe and easy to use and a valid replacement for copper, it also addresses many workplace health & safety issues not easily attainable when using other piping systems.

What tools do I need for the Water Pex™ Piping System?

Water Pex™ piping system has one type of crimp fitting for all applications therefore one type of hand crimping tool is available with four different crimping heads 16, 20, 25 & 32mm. Battery and electric tools are also available for use with 40, 50 & 63mm pipe. A hand reamer/gauging tool is available and must be used after the cutting of the pipe. Internal bending springs in all sizes are also available.

How long does Water Pex™ last?

Artificial ageing tests carried out within the laboratory calculate pipe life at more than 50 years.

What warranty is available with Water Pex™ installation?

Providing the installation is carried out as per the instructions in the Installers Manual, a 15 year installation warranty applies.

Can the Water Pex™ piping system be used for the carriage of hot & cold potable water?

Yes, Water Pex™ complies with AS 4176:1994. Water Pex™ solves many problems associated with metal and other types of plastic pipes. It will not erode, corrode, scale or contaminate water.

Are Water Pex™ fittings interchangeable with gas & water installations?

Yes, all Water Pex™ fittings are the same for hot & cold water, natural gas, LPG and compressed air applications. One DR brass crimped fitting for all applications, just think of the advantages!

Can you use Water Pex™ with other similar systems?

DEFINITELY NOT. Under no circumstances can Water Pex™ pipe or fittings be crimped to other similar systems.

If you decide to use a particular composite system for water installations you are strongly encouraged to provide a BSP threaded fitting, in an accessible location to allow for any future extensions by another plumber. In this way you provide a safe means whereby an extension to the water supply, using an alternative composite system, steel or copper can be done. Remember it may be you looking for this fitting.

What is the temperature and pressure rating for the Water Pex™ system?

For water applications: 1400kpa For gas applications: 70kpa @ 80º C.

Can I use Water Pex™ above ground and exposed to sunlight?

Yes, providing the pipe sleeved or painted with a UV protective paint. Check with local water authorities.

What is the minimum distance between pipe fixings?

  • 16mm pipe size-fixings to be 1.00 metres apart
  • 20mm pipe size-fixings to be 1.25 metres apart
  • 25mm pipe size-fixings to be 1.50 metres apart
  • 32mm pipe size-fixings to be 2.00 metres apart

The minimum spacing for fixing of composite pipe is not contained in AS 3500.1:2003 Table 5.2 on page 40 so it is recommended that the above date be adopted.

Water Pex™ will not sag between fixings and always look neat and tidy. Water Pex™ do not manufacture fixings for the Water Pex™ system as all existing fixings will suit the Water Pex pipe.

Is there a need to support a bend in the Water Pex™ pipe?

Bend supports are necessary with other systems but not for Water Pex™. Once the bend has been made it will stay in place unsupported.

Can I bend Water Pex™ manually without the aid of a pipe-bender?

Yes, Water Pex™ pipe is very flexible and in the smaller diameter pipe bending can be done by hand. However, when bending large diameter pipe or when a very small radius is required, the use of internal springs is recommended.

Can I fit the Water Pex™ system to an existing copper installation?

Yes, Water Pex™ to copper flared connectors have been manufactured in 16mm & 20mm sizes. Simply cut the copper pipe-place the flared nut onto the pipe-flare the pipe then tighten the flared nut to the fitting body. For sizes above 20mm refer to our fitting range contained in the Installer’s Manual.

How long has the Water Pex™ system been in use?

The Water Pex™ system is new but composite pipe has been used extensively in Europe and Asia for years.

After cutting Water Pex™ pipe is it necessary to use the reamer/gauging tool every time?

Yes, it is necessary to remove the burred edge after the cutting of the pipe. This will assist in the assembly of the joint and avoid potential damage or dislodgement of the O-rings. The use of the reamer/gauging tool will comply with the warranty requirements.

Are all the threads on the Water Pex™ fittings different to other systems?

All threads on Water Pex™ fittings either male or female are BSP threads which is a universal thread. The threads on all of our male fittings are tapered and therefore comply with requirements contained in AS 5601 3.2.3 Prohibited fittings on page 25 (running/parallel thread).

In what length is Water Pex™ pipe available?

  • 16mm & 20mm pipe is available in 100 metre coils.
  • 16mm, 20mm, 25mm & 32mm is available in 50 metre coils.
  • 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 6 metre straight lengths.

Can I bury Water Pex™ pipe and fittings in the ground?

Yes, the Water Pex™ pipe is completely impervious to water and to attack from under soil organisms. Fittings are also made of DR Brass.

Can Water Pex™ be installed beneath a building in the ground for water installation?

Yes it can, as long as there are no joints. Don’t forget Water Pex™ is available in 25 – 50m coils.

Can Water Pex™ gas pipe be installed in concealed locations such as duct voids etc?

Yes it can, with joints kept to a minimum. Out crimped DR brass joints are classed as permanent joints.

Do I need to use grommets when running Water Pex™ piping through metal studded walls?

The use of grommets is not required as the outer layer of Water Pex™ acts as an insulator in itself. There are saddling clips available that sit in the hole of the metal frame which allows the pipe to pass through them.

Why would I use Water Pex™ rather than some other product?

  • Water Pex™ is the latest system available
  • It is cheaper than copper
  • There is no brazing, no expensive oxy acetylene equipment
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Quick and easy to install
  • One DR crimped brass fitting for all applications
  • Color coded pipe for quick identification – yellow pipe for gas, blue pipe for cold water, red pipe for hot water
  • Best priced value for money product on the market

Can anyone install Water Pex™?

Installation of water plumbing can only be carried out by a licensed Plumber. Contact your licensed Plumber and ask him to install Water Pex™ for you.

What is the price of Water Pex™?

For details contact your preferred Merchant for the best priced value for money gas and water product on the market.

Where can I buy Water Pex™?

Contact your preferred Merchant or call our Head Office on toll free 1300 761 916 or email us HERE


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