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Heat Pex Radiant Heating Systems

Under floor heating has a long history back into ancient times. Archeological digs in Asia and the Aleutian islands of Alaska reveal how the inhabitants drafted smoke from fires through stone covered trenches which were excavated in the floors of their subterranean dwellings. The hot smoke heated the floor stones which then radiated into the living spaces. These early forms have evolved into modern systems using water filled pipe embedded into the flooring of homes and commercial buildings.

Under Floor heating has many advantages including providing heat where it is most needed. The diagram below shows that Under Floor heating provides heat where it is needed most in the home.

The Heat Pex system offers the options of Under Floor and Radiant Heating systems. And like its sister brands, Gas Pex and Water Pex, the system uses common fittings and tooling to make the job simpler for the professional installer.

The Heat Pex Underfloor and Radiant Heating System offers many benefits to the consumer.

Efficiency Savings
Underfloor Heating Systems are designed to operate at lower temperatures than conventional heating systems. This results in reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs for the building.

The Heat Pex system uses radiant heat, the most comfortable form of heating, giving an even distribution of warmth over the whole room.

The system is unobtrusive and space saving which means every square metre of floor and wall space can be utilised giving freedom of interior design.

Compared to conventional fan forced ducted systems, the Heat Pex system is virtually silent running.

Reduced Air Pollution & Dust Mites
Unlike fan forced systems that blow air around the home, dust is minimised reducing the problem of house dust mites.

Zone Control
Underfloor heating is easy to control and unlike many conventional systems, the Heat Pex system can be easily designed to make use of multi-zoning so each room benefits from individual time and temperature control resulting in a more flexible heating system with lower running costs.

Individual Programming
Programmable Room Thermostats can be installed in each zone. They give individual time and temperature control, alternating between daytime and set back temperatures.

The Heat Pex system is approved to Australian Standards and available and all good plumbing and heating merchants.

The Couta Group Pty Ltd offers a 25 year warranty on all product systems and this is backed by a products and public liability insurance policy to the value of AUD$20,000,000.