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Heat Pex Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating System - Installation Manual

Most modern radiant under floor heating systems operate using warm water which incorporate high tech plastic pipes either within the main structural slab or just below the floor surface

Typically, hot water is pumped from the heat source to a central manifold, where the water is mixed to a temperature between 40ºC and 53ºC by a special thermostatic valve, before being pumped into the floor heating pipes.

The Heat Pex pipes are tied to the rebar mesh and embedded in the concrete structural slab or into an insulated screeded section on top of the structural slab. The Heat Pex pipes are installed in separate circuits which all join back to the manifold. The finished floor can be covered with most floor coverings or simply polished.

Under floor heating systems are very cost effective to operate and can be heated from a number of heat sources including Natural Gas and LP Gas, electric Heat Pumps, Solid Fuel / Wood Stoves and even Solar Thermal. One or more thermostats control the operation of the system sending heat to one zone or many zones collectively, providing even warmth to the entire dwelling.

Under Floor Heating System Components

Heat Pex Radiant PEX-b/EVOH Pipe
The Heat Pex 16mm under floor heating pipe has an external EVOH layer to protect the system from atmospheric oxygen. It is installed in a continuous length no greater than 100m and is tied to the steel rebar embedded in the concrete slab or in a secondary screed. It is highly flexible and can be cut using Pex tubing cutters.

Heat Pex Manifolds are made of high quality DR Brass and are manufactured to exacting standards. Heat Pex manifolds are available in 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 port configurations. Each manifold comes complete with individual flow gauges and isolating return knobs. The flow rate through each circuit may be adjusted to achieve maximum efficiency. The Heat Pex piping is connected to the manifold using a special nut & tail compression connection.

Thermostats and Controls
The temperature in a dwelling, individual room or zone including two or more rooms are controlled by a Room Thermostat. These can be programmed to turn the system on and off at desired temperatures and times and are wired back to the boiler or to a central control board.

Design Considerations

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