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Pex-b/EVOH Pex/Al/Pex Manifolds and Fittings Central regulation stations

With the same properties as PEX single layer pipes, Heat Pex PEX-b with EVOH piping is ideal for under floor heating system. The EVOH layer provides an oxygen barrier to prevent corrosion of metallic parts in the system such as manifolds, mixing stations, boilers, pumps, valves, connectors and the like.

About 95% of all underfloor heating piping in Europe have an EVOH barrier layer.

Specifications Packing Specif.(m) Color (in/out)
PEX-b/EVOH-16*2.0 100 metre coils Transparent

Technical Information

Item Unit PEX-b/EVOH
Density g/cm3 0.93~0.96
Thermal conductivity w/mk) 0.40~0.42
Linear expansivity mm/(m℃) 0.2
Modulus of elasticity MPa 600~800
Temperature range  -60 ~ 90
Temperature for long-term use ≤75
Elongation at break ≥350
Longitudinal reversion ≤3

All Heat Pex piping systems use the same fittings and tools. In addition the fittings and tools are common with the Gas Pex and Water Pex range of products.