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Crimping tools, cutters, bending springs and reamers are common across the Gas Pex, Water Pex and Heat Pex ranges ensuring that installers need just one set of tools regardless of the project that you are working on.

Wacker Neuson DF-16 rebar tier Manual Tools Automatic Tools

Wacker Neuson DF-16 rebar tier

In addition, the Couta Group is the Exclusive Australian Agent for the Wacker Neuson DF-16 rebar tier.

Binds pipe to mesh faster, more efficiently and without Breaking Your Back.

This amazing tool allows the Heat Pex pipe to be tied to the reinforcing mesh in a slab in a fraction of the time it normally takes to do. The ergonomic design of the tool means that tying the pipe to the mesh is no longer a back breaking job.
Binding tie wires has always been time consuming and exhausting – so far. Now it is possible to tie up to 1,000 knots per hour with Wacker Neuson’s new automatic
rebar tier and to continuously produce this performance over longer periods of time.

Not only will you significantly increase your working speed when compared to conventional methods for tying pipe to rebar with a pair of pliers or cable ties, the ease of operator use improves productivity thanks to the unit’s  outstanding ergonomics. The operator can work in an upright and easy posture, the strain to backs, wrists and fingers is reduced considerably.

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Reduce Installation Time and Costs and Save Your Back!


Additional Advantages:

Always ready for action: The purely mechanical unit has no need for a power supply. Empty batteries and long charging periods do not impair the availability of the unit. The quick tie wire strip replacement also leads to a very high state of readiness.

Versatile: Ideal for tying concrete reinforcing steel, tying down of Heat Pex pipes as well as fastening of electrical ductwork. The unit is suitable for vertical (ceilings, floor slabs) as well as horizontal (walls) applications.

Consistently high workmanship: Irrespective of the operator’s working ability the mechanically executed knot is always tighter than a standard knot performed by hand with a pair of pliers.

No cleaning expenses: No costly removal of wire scrap on the concrete forms when working with the rebar tier. This means that there is no danger of rusty wire leftovers visible on the concrete surface once the forms have been removed.

One-hand operation: The unit can be operated in any position with one hand. The second hand is always available for parallel applications, such as holding reinforcing bars in position.


Wacker Neuson DF-16 rebar tier Manual Tools Automatic Tools